Completing A Credit Card Application

Completing A Credit Card Application

When applying for a credit card, there is the credit card application. Applications can be filled out online or the actual paper application can be filled out and returned via postal mail to the credit card company. It does not matter which method to complete the credit card application is used; however, most credit card companies offer instant, online approval. Applications by mail will most likely be replied to by mail.

Preliminary evaluation:

The first part of the application may contain questions inquiring about past debt. It will help categorize the applicant and better direct the application especially if the applicant is searching online. Not all credit card companies use this preliminary information.

Name, address and employment status:

The applicant will be required to fill in their legal name, contact information and employment status. They may also ask how long the applicant has been at their present address. If time at that residence is less than one to three years, a prior address and time at that address might be necessary. The credit card company is looking for stability. If the applicant moves frequently, that might be a sign the applicant will difficult to track down in the event payments are missed.

Date of birth and NINO information

The next part of the application will ask for the applicant’s date of birth and NINO information. That information is used to determine the applicant is who they say they are. It is also used to check credit history. Supplying the incorrect information can be considered a federal offense and lead to serious problems for the applicant.

Mother’s maiden name and email address:

Almost anyone that collects information for an application or to join just about anything will be asked to supple their mother’s maiden name and an email address. Mother’s maiden name is a security feature used in the event the applicant calls the credit card company for any purpose. The card company can verify the applicant is who they say they are. An email address is required to confirm your application went through, if the application was submitted online.  Check the companys privacy policy to see if giving your email is an opt in to receive information from the company or third-party sources. If it is, contact the company and request your email not be used for marketing purposes.


The applicant will be required to provide details about their employment including how long employed, position and contact information. Most credit card companies look for a stable employment record. They may have a minimum time of employment before approval is given. Employment is definitely necessary to be approved for a credit card.

Financial Information:

The applicant will be required to provide financial details about their employment, bank accounts and mortgage or rent payments. The credit card company wants to make sure the applicant is making enough money to include credit card payments in their monthly payment schedule. The credit card company will look at bank accounts to establish savings and spending habits.

Additional card-holders:

This will be the opportunity to list a second person who will be entitled to use this account. That person will also be issued a credit card but the primary-card hold that is the person making the application will be responsible for everything card number two charges.